About us





The Mama’s Events brand was created out of a simple desire to deliver remarkable food to our guests. In a short period of time we have now become one of the leading independent Asian Caterers within the UK; continuing to serve great food daily to an array of businesses, industries and private sectors. We are proud to be known as the reliable choice for providing excellence in food, hospitality and bespoke services.


Mama’s brand was established in 2011 by founders Sabrina Ubha, Bobby Nanua and Dee Nanua. Our small dream of setting an intimate restaurant and bar has now manifested into a brand, housing great lucrative divisions that possess the same philosophy and strive for a united purpose. The inspiration for our business, which has been central to the success of our brand is our love of providing great tasting food, heart-warming hospitality and building personal relationships with all our valued clients.

Mama’s Events has gone from strength to strength throughout our years of business. We have gained the loyalty of our clients (including multinational companies), gained the trust of local communities and have become widely reputed as a true reflection of great culture.